PURE Infused Maple Syrup

Hutchinson Acres is located in Lake Paul, it is owned by Chris and Anna Hutchinson, who were both born and raised on farms in the Annapolis Valley. Chris and Anna started Hutchinson Acres in 2004 with a small purchase of land in Lake Paul and grew to where they are today; they now have 1500 acres of owned and leased land.

We have Christmas trees, wild blueberries, timber and of course many Maple groves. We currently have 25,000 taps in our sugar bush and are planning to expand each year hoping within 5 years to have 100,000 taps. Our Christmas trees are sold locally and can be found at the “Tree Fort” in Coldbrook during the Christmas season. Our wild blueberries are harvested locally and our maple syrup can be found in various stores and restaurants throughout Nova Scotia.

We promote purchasing locally to support our community and most of our employees come directly from our small community in Lake Paul. Thank you for supporting our farm and community. Please enjoy all of our products.

- Chris and Anna Hutchinson