PURE Infused Maple Syrup

PURE Infused Maple Syrup has redefined maple syrup for those of us who love food. We take sweet, pure maple syrup direct from the sugar bushes of Nova Scotia and marry it with gourmet ingredients such as vanilla, lavender, chai tea, lemongrass or chipotle to create entirely new flavor sensations. This is a line of aromatic, all natural, artisanal products that will awaken the most discerning palate. 

PURE comes in five chef-inspired varieties. Professional chefs and foodies will enjoy treating their palette to these distinctive infused maple blends, including our special gastrique blend with reduced apple cider vinegar and ginger. Experience the mellow notes of Tahitian vanilla , cinnamon and star anise, or the robust,  complementary combination of chipotle and lemongrass.  Pure delight.

Whether you use PURE poured over pancakes, drizzled on yogurt or brushed over a succulent rack of barbequed ribs, these infused maple flavours make unique companions to life’s sweet pleasures.